Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball
Magic UFO Ball

Magic UFO Ball

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  • Endless fun with a magic frisbee ball that looks like a ball but can actually turn into a flat flying saucer.
  • Let the kids put down the IPad, stay away from the computer, refuse the TV and use this flying saucer to go outdoors together.
  • Magic UFO ball is also a good toy to interact with your dog, flexible, durable and strong training ability.


Super Resistance

  • Vent ball can be stepped on over and over again, it can quickly recover, a few seconds to recover our ball.
  • When the disc form flies out for a few seconds, it will automatically return to a spherical shape, so it is easy to catch the ball with your little one.

Easy to Carry

  • Easy to transport and store easy to carry, you can have fun anywhere, anytime.
  • Just load it flat, slide it into your backpack, and you're ready to play with your friends after school!

A Great Toy for Increased Interaction

  • A good toy can change your child's personality and make your child more lively and cheerful.
  • The deformable flying disc ball is a toy for parents and children to interact together.

Premium Material

  • This toy is made of non-toxic materials to ensure your child can play and chew safely.


  • This product is made of natural rubber, comfortable and soft, not hurt and not easily deformed.

How to Use

❌ side leads to the breaking point of the stepping link
❌ People standing up can cause a fracture at the bottom of the chuck or base.
✔Step on the round yellow area on the ball with your own foot, the suction cup is alive.
✔ Children can also use both hands to gently press

Product Specifications

  • Material: ABS material
  • Color: blue, red, green
  • Weight: 300g
  • Size: 21.5*26.5CM
  • Style. With three lights / no lights